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maxTouch BOARD

MAXTOUCH BOARD is an interactive whiteboard that allows four users to write, draw, move objects or two users to resize and rotate two objects with two fingers per object simultaneously. It is truly multi-touch, requiring no separate multiuser mode setting. Users can interact with their fingers, stylus and a pointer or even use the board for writing with traditional dry erase marker.


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maxTouch SCREEN

MAXTOUCH SCREEN is an interactive touch frame overlay that you can install on top of your normal LCD/LED TV as an overlay and transform it into a Touch Screen TV. This will allow you to control your computer using touch input instead of a mouse. It comes with a plug-n-play USB support and with no additional power supply needed.

Touchscreen TV are very applicable and useful for usage such as in meeting room, training room, classroom, retail displays, control rooms, exhibitions, conferences, museums, and etc.


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maxTouch PEN

MAXTOUCH PEN is a portable interactive whiteboard solution. Turn your every meeting and lesson into an interactive one with maxTouch Pen. It is portable, light, easy to setup and comes with full-featured whiteboard software for meeting collaboration and create engaging interactive lessons.

MaxTouch Pen sensor will easily snap in place when it is installed to conventional magnetic whiteboard to create an interactive lesson or meeting.


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For the last 25 years NetSupport has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to aid in the management of desktop computers and their users. NetSupport products are available in over 90 countries worldwide and currently support over 12 million desktops, servers and mobile devices.

NetSupport comes to Indonesia with several dedicated solution package. NetSupport School, NetSupport Assist, NetSupport Manager, NetSupport Protect, and NetSupport Notify.