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maxTouch BOARD

MaxTouch Board is an interactive whiteboard that allows four users to write, erase, draw, move objects, or two users to resize and rotate two objects with two fingers per object simultaneously. It is truly multi-touch, requiring no separate multiuser mode settings. Users can interact with their fingers, stylus and pointer or even use the board for writing with traditional dry erase marker. MaxTouch Board has two available sizes, 78" (4:3) and 89" (16:10)

MaxTouch Board connects to a computer through a fast USB 2.0 interface or optionally with wireless radio technology with 2,4 GHz, just plug-n-play, makes the lecture more interactive and enhances the efficiency of the class.

MaxTouch Board supports Linux, Mac, all Microsoft Windows & multiuser writing and common multi touch gestures currently recognized in Microsoft Win-7. Use simple intuitive finger or hand gestures to move, rotate or zoom in/out on objects.

MaxTouch Board is based on IR Cell LED Optical technology which uses a combination of IR LEDs and photo transistors that are aligned in pairs around the active surface. These pairs of LEDs and photo transistors cast a grid over this surface. When the surface is touched, the beam of infrared light between the LEDs and the photo transistors is interrupted at the point of touch. This position is converted into an X and a Y coordinate which the computer then converts into a mouse position.

MaxTouch interactive whiteboards are marketed to Indonesia for classrooms at all levels of education, in corporate meeting rooms and training rooms, in professional sports coaching, and etc. MaxTouch interactive electronic whiteboards replace traditional whiteboards, flip-charts and other traditional systems.

Key Features
Accessories (Optional)
  • Integrated sound bar system 40W ⁄ 60W
The system has Microphone Line-in port, Volume Control Bar, USB ⁄ SD slot port and it perfectly fit to the whiteboard system.
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  • Wireless Connection
2.4 GHz wireless receiver is used to enable wireless connection to the computer.
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Sizes Available 78” and 89”
Multi-Touch Detection 4 Points Detection (Finger Touch)
Aspect ratio 4:3 (78” Board) or 16:10 (89” Board)
Technology Infrared cell LED optical
Whiteboard Surface Ceramic-steel (E3)
Resolution 12800 x 9600 px
Active screen area size 1590 x 1183 mm (78” Board) or 1944 x 1127 mm (89” Board)
Board size without packing 1693 x 1284 x 31 mm (78” Board) or 2060 x 1244 x 31 mm (89” Board)
Working Environment -20 to 40° C
Cable Length 6 m
Finger Touch Accuracy ± 1 mm
Response time 6 ms
Interface Type USB 2.0 / 2.4 GHz RF Wireless (optional)
Power supply USB DC 5V from PC (optional wireless PC receiver and USB adaptor / 220 V)
Power consumption < 250 mA (wireless PC receiver 20 mA)
Temperature Range -20 to 40° C, storage temperature -40 to 70° C
Humidity Operating 30-90% non condensing, storage 0-95%, non condensing
Platform Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista, Linux and MAC
Board weight (net) 27 kg (82” Board) or 31 kg (93” Board)